The Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey & Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A. hosted Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, the internationally acclaimed and recognized authority on Integrative Cosmic Medicine in the weekly Clinical Grand Rounds event of the medical school on June 28, 2017. This Grand Rounds event on Cosmic Medicine was organized and coordinated by our Shiv Yog Sadhak, Dr. Hari Siva G.R. Tunuguntla who is working as Associate Professor of Urology at the RWJ Medical School. He is also the Attending Urologist at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Brunswick, NJ.

The event was held in the Dean’s Conference Hall of the Medical School and was attended by physicians from different medical specialties including Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology, Anesthesiology, Physical and Occupation Therapy, Radiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, among others. The participants also included medical students, postgraduates, Fellows, operating room staff, nurse practitioners, and nursing staff from both the patient floors and the operating rooms. Special attendees from the Medical School Administration included the Associated Dean of the Medical School, Dr. Joseph Barone; Director of the Institute of Women’s Health, Dr. Gloria Bachman, and heads of various departments.

During his talk in the packed conference hall, Dr. Shivanand stressed to the audience that healthy individuals make healthy nations and that sick persons make sick nations. Cosmic Medicine, which synergizes and integrates with modern medicine, teaches that each of us must be an active participant in our health. In addition, in order for physicians to optimally care for their patients’ health, they must actively address staying healthy themselves. Dr. Shivanand noted that physicians typically know of only one body, the physical body. But besides physical body, each one of us has 4 more bodies, out of which the 2nd body is the etheric body. Any disease before it manifests in the physical body comes into the etheric body about 6 months in advance. If we know how to approach the etheric body, the disease can be potentially cured even before it appears in the physical body. He also threw light on etheric debris (toxins of etheric body) and importance of clearing the etheric debris to improve outcomes. He believes that human disease, before it manifests in the physical body, comes into the etheric body first.

He spoke about vibrational frequency of an individual including body tissues and the importance of maintaining higher vibrations to remain healthy. Higher vibrations can be achieved by remaining continuously connected to the cosmic energy.

For physicians to always remain healthy and effectively treat their patients they should vibrate at a much higher frequency than their patients and remain integrated with the cosmic energy. He stated the cosmic energy should continuously flow in the physician while treating the patient. This makes the physician a Living Medicine to potentially cure the patient.

In the current treatment modalities patient remains a passive factor to receive the treatment (medication or surgical treatment), whereas, the patient should actively participate in the treatment by following certain Shiv Yog modalities (including specific breath work [sukshma kriyas and prana kriyas] and cosmic connection maneuvers). A patient actively participating in his/her own treatment coupled with a very healthy treating physician of higher vibrational frequency and a biomolecule form (rather than simply a chemical molecular form) of the medication can potentially result in the actual cure of the disease, rather than simply achieving symptomatic treatment which is the outcome of contemporary modern medicine.

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