The doctor is the living medicine

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Cure Is Possible

The medicine of the future


SYCIP is not an alternative, but an integrative therapy. In past seminars, doctors have come forward to describe how adding Shiv Yog Cure Is Possible to their current practice resulted in recoveries they didn’t think were possible. The effect of all this healing is cumulative too. Doctors and nurses feel better when their patients feel better. The entire community benefits when we empower health and wellness from the inside out.” ~Dr. Shivanand

Modern medical science is quite effective in providing treatment for acute conditions, but can only provide a symptomatic cure for chronic diseases. This is because modern medical science starts and ends with the physical body.

According to Dr. Shivanand, every human being has a physical body and four subtle energy bodies. The root causes of chronic disease lie in the fourth body (causal body) which current medical science does not approach. Shiv Yog Cure Is Possible addresses the human being as a whole, offering an approach to treating the four subtle bodies in addition to the physical body. Dr. Shivanand calls this therapy “Wholistic” and “Holistic.”

In brief, SYCIP detoxifies the human being at the physical as well as subtle body levels, raises the frequency of the whole human being and also activates the secretion of natural healing substances by the patient’s own body to create the possibility of a complete cure.

In this process the doctor, the medicine, and the patient play equally important roles:

  • A doctor whose body is at a very high frequency helps to transfer positive healing energy to the patient.
  • By using positive words and powerful affirmations the doctor creates hope and self-belief in the patient.
  • The patient adopts new, positive beliefs and attitudes that begin to heal the person emotionally.
  • The doctor teaches the patients certain yogic practices called SOOKSHMA KRIYAS and PRANA KRIYAS that help to strengthen the patient’s physical and subtle bodies while detoxifying them at deep levels.
  • The doctor also teaches mindfulness meditation to the patient that helps the patient to de-stress, detoxify and detach from the disease.
  • Because of the yogic kriyas and meditation, the patient’s own body starts secreting certain powerful hormones and healing substances that help the patient to rejuvenate.
  • The patient continues to receive regular medical treatment, but also practices the kriyas and the meditation learned from the doctor.
  • Further, the doctor helps the patient adopt a healthy SYCIP diet containing high vibrational frequency foods that support the healing process.

Dr. Shivanand says it is possible for a patient (ROGI) to become healthy (NIROGI) by raising the frequency of the physical and subtle bodies through various SYCIP practices. As an individual’s vibrational frequency progressively increases, the NIROGI can evolve into a YOGI and finally into a SHIV YOGI as illustrated in the infographic at the top of this page.

“With Shiv Yog Cosmic Medicine, modern medicine can acquire its missing jigsaw piece. So far, modern medicine has relied solely on physical treatment to bring relief to patients. However, with Shiv Yog Cosmic Medicine, I am empowering doctors at top medical universities around the world to learn about the healing and expansion of cellular frequencies, electromagnetic radiation, the cellular mind, and consciousness within human beings. I have explained in detail to healthcare professionals that we have to treat a human being as a whole and not merely as a physical entity.”
~Dr. Shivanand

Sookshma Kriyas

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand teaches that every human being has five bodies. They are the Physical Body, Energy Body, Mental Body, Causal Body, and Super-Causal Body.

Every human being also has seven energy centers or vortexes, known as CHAKRAS in Sanskrit:

 Root Chakra (At the perineum, base of the spine),  Sacral Chakra (Just below the navel, in the genital region), Solar Plexus Chakra (In the navel area), Heart Chakra (Center of the chest), Throat Chakra (Base of the throat), Third Eye Chakra (Forehead area, between the eyebrows), Crown Chakra (Top of the head)

While gym workouts only address the physical body, the Sookshma (Subtle) Kriyas exercise the subtle bodies and help to activate the chakras through which human beings receive cosmic energy.

As part of the SYCIP therapy, the doctor teaches the patient a series of Sookshma kriyas which help to detoxify the subtle bodies and the chakras, raise the frequencies at a cellular level, and significantly increase the cosmic energy in the patient’s body.

Prana Kriyas

“Prana” is the Sanskrit term for what Dr. Shivanand calls, “LIFE FORCE ENERGY.” He has also called it BIO-ETHERIC ENERGY or BIOELECTRICITY. It is also known as COSMIC ENERGY. 

The second body is called Energy Body or Pranic Body and it has a massive network of energy meridians through which cosmic energy flows. When a specific organ begins to lose access to this bio-etheric energy, its frequencies progressively go down until it ultimately manifests a disease.

SYCIP posits that all chronic diseases have psychosomatic origins and they originate in the causal body.

Dr. Shivanand says, “Before a disease manifests in the physical body, it incubates in the energy body for up to six months.”

Prana kriyas are Shiv Yogic practices that significantly enhance the flow of pranic or cosmic energy to the various organs, tissues, and cells of the body and thereby raise their frequencies to healthy levels. In a sick person, prana kriyas begin the process of healing by sending cosmic energy to that part of the body which needs healing.

“When you breathe without awareness, it is air. If you breathe with awareness, it is prana.” ~ Dr. Shivanand


Shiv Yog Meditation is the process of merging with the source of infinite cosmic power in the Universe. By doing so, a human being can be completely cured and become healthy, whole and complete” ~ Dr. Shivanand 

Sookshma Kriyas and Prana Kriyas are preparatory steps for entering into a deep state of Shiv Yog meditation. They open up the energy meridians and facilitate the easy flow of cosmic energy from the seven chakras into and throughout the five bodies.

Shiv Yog meditation is a deep state of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation which allows an individual to access the contents of one’s subtle bodies. Through this process, one can fill all his subtle bodies with powerful cosmic energy. Every cell down to atomic and sub-atomic levels fills up with this cosmic energy resulting in raised frequencies. One can easily experience these raised frequencies through the body. A deep sense of calm, peace, and tranquility descends upon the person meditating. Past incidents of trauma may surface at the conscious level but, in this state of deep calm, one is able to simply witness the incidents without emotionally reacting to them. As the stored up intracellular memory of every such incident is released through witnessing and projection of cosmic energy, deep healing takes place.

“In this state of higher consciousness, the individual’s own body starts secreting certain hormones and natural chemicals which heal without any side effects.” ~Dr. Shivanand

A medical professional certified by the Shiv Yog Medical Institute that is coming up will be empowered by Dr. Shivanand to teach simple but very powerful meditation practices to patients as part of their healing process.

The doctor is the living medicine

“For physicians to always remain healthy and effectively treat their patients, their bodies should generate much higher frequencies than those of their patients and they should remain integrated with cosmic energy. Cosmic energy should continuously flow in the physician while treating the patient. This makes the physician a Living Medicine to potentially cure the patient.”
~ Dr. Shivanand at Rutgers

At the various “Cure Is Possible” programs that were conducted in many US cities over the last several years, Dr. Shivanand initiated the participating physicians into various cosmic healing modalities. Many of these physicians have reported excellent results from integrating these healing modalities into their treatment process.

High vibrational frequency food

Food is another dimension that needs to be addressed as part of the total healing process.

A lot of the toxins found in the body are actually ingested through food. As the doctor and patient work on raising the frequency of the patient’s physical and subtle bodies, it is important to detoxify as well.

High vibrational frequency food provides the highest form of nutrition and pranic energy while simultaneously helping to detoxify the body. Dr. Shivanand has also introduced herbal supplements such as “Trishakti” and “Isbharid” that help to strengthen the body’s immune system while helping to detoxify the whole body.

Dr. Shivanand also recommends the food we eat must have three components:

  • Water
  • Fiber
  • Bulk

Adding a higher percentage of raw and green foods (they have higher pranic energy) and reducing the frequency of meals as well as portion sizes helps to maintain the adequate amount of cosmic energy in the body.

Role of the patient

Role of the patient

“In current treatment modalities, the patient remains a passive factor to receive the treatment (medication or surgical procedures), whereas the patient should actively participate in their treatment by practicing certain Shiv Yog modalities (including specific breath work [sookshma kriyas and prana kriyas] and cosmic connection maneuvers). A patient actively participating in his/her own treatment under the care of a very healthy physician possessing higher frequencies and medication of the biomolecule* form (rather than simply a chemical molecular form) can potentially result in the actual cure of the disease instead of a merely symptomatic cure.”

 ~Dr. Shivanand

*Biomolecule: Regular pharmaceutical products are made up of chemical molecules. Although they have therapeutic benefits, they have side effects. When these products are energized through Shiv Yog processes, they get converted into biomolecules which provide the therapeutic benefits intended without the side effects.

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