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1 Healing Master & 12 Doctors

CURE IS POSSIBLE | science beyond science

Cure is possible was emphasized by the Ancient Indian Healing Master Avdhoot Baba Shivanand when he proved to Science that the root cause of every disease is created by the individual knowingly or unknowingly, which is stored in the subtle bodies of the individual that can only be released through subtle healing processes mastered through ShivYog. Babaji then began initiating doctors and medical professionals directly into this sacred healing because he believes doctors are fully focussed on bringing optimum health to the patient and thus are the best instruments as healers.

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BENEFITS TO HEALTHCARE The Benefits to Medical Practitioners



Rapid healing in patients. Rapid recovery from surgeries and injuries.



Enables doctors to be self-protection from external influences of



Reduces and saves a lot of money & investments in patient



Reduces patient stress, anxiety and sufferings resulting in patient

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SHIVYOG MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS Doctors Practising ShivYog Healing

FAQS FOR THE EVENT /find your answers

faq-1Babaji says that doctors have clear soul agenda to heal and thus their priority in life is the constant endeavour to provide optimum health to patients. This being the sole aim and purpose of every medical practitioner, they become the best instruments of the divine to heal humanity. Though Babaji has been empowering healers and masses for self-healing, it is only this special wisdom that He wishes to share with doctors only as they are truly the worthy recipients of this sacred wisdom that would be put to noble and true help to mankind.

faqs-3Even though the spiritual masters come from the lineage of the powerful Rishis like Rishi Sushruta, Rishi Atreya or Acharya Charak, they were all powerful scientists having control far beyond the physicality of human body system. Their wisdom and practical experiences came from their deep spiritual and contemplative practices that revealed to them the secrets beyond the normal life realms, that they conveniently used for the benefit of mankind. All the great Rishis have always adapted to the life situations depending on which era they lived in. In this modern era, Babaji, coming from the same lineage of Rishis, has converted this to pure science and presented everything in a scientific way that the five senses can perceive and understand. Even the though the demonstrations of shrinking of tumors and kidney stones that he did in minutes of healing in a Science program in USA, he insisted the use of live ultrasound monitors to be documented scientifically. This is the subtle science of the holy Sages that Babaji teaches today emphasizing that every human has this inherent powers of healing, which the Rishis mastered and today is possible to be learnt and mastered by the common man also.

faq-2Yes, this is because the whole healing empowerment program is not a mere theory course but is actually the transfer of ancient Indian healing wisdom. For this empowerment to have a conducive platform for the recipient the program is designed in such a way that the doctors be able to not just receive the empowerment and training but also experience it while the practices are done. This requires a complete dedicated time and focus on the program during the subscribed days. All doctors who have received the Science Beyond Science training have been from very busy professions, but their experiences of having invested their precious time for the precious program and the success they reaped after the program indicates that their commitment to the program was a worthwhile investment of time.

faqs-5Science Beyond Science are very rare programs. Though Babaji has conducted thousands of healing events for close to past two decades, He has been very selective with Science Beyond Science programs as they are special programs meant only for medical professionals and higher purposes. After a global CURE IS POSSIBLE event conducted in USA, it is after a year that Babaji has agreed to the requests of doctors to have a similar global event in India. It is hence highly recommended that you make best use of this opportunity for nothing of the same is planned for near future. To enable doctors to make possible arrangement from their busy schedules, this program has been announced months before the event.

faqs-4Medical professionals from the entire Healthcare, both mainstream and alternative, have attended the Science Beyond Science programs and are actively practicing healing in their clinics and hospitals. This special program is open to all - Surgical Care, Cancer Management, Intensive Care, Urgent Care, Ambulatory Care, Preventive Care, Rehabilitation Care, Psychiatry, General Practice, Physiotherapy, Medical Imaging Service, Occupational Therapy,  Physician Assistance, Nursing and Pharmacy.

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