Can one heal oneself completely?

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Can one heal oneself completely?

One sadhak shares about vertebral damage and curiously asked Babaji if one can heal oneself completely.

Babaji repies, “Now, if you do not accept the damage and you just surrender to God, there are people, I have seen, when they really work and really sadhna, they have been able to come out of their problems, physical disease and I have seen peo10409575_1701663203385024_1938225536945211148_nple walking! So, one has to really mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, work and do this sadhna.

For three years the medical clinical trials were conducted on our sadhaks who attend the Shiv Yog programs and come to learn the Advait Sri Vidya. For their relevant problems disappearing we cannot collect data, but for their physical ailments disappearing we have been able to conduct the clinical trials and validate it. A very big medical agency, came on their own to conduct the trials, and doctors said that they want to themselves do the clinical trials. They first took the blood samples before the shivir began and a lot of trials and tests were done and when they tested the same patient at the end of the shivir (event) they found the condition change from abnormal to normal. This is available our website.

This came from the doctors itself. I requested them to upload the data and they said if that if a person who continuously does the Shiv Yog Sadhana, they can get rid of their physical ailments, and this is what I have demonstrated myself even on the ultrasound. It was recorded when we put the patients on the ultrasound even their kidney stones started disappearing, the cysts began shrinking and disappearing, and tumours disappeared…. solid tumour liquefied. This all happened in a period of 20 minutes to half an hour. The time duration was lesser because I was helping them but if a sadhak does it consistently even on their own they have achieved good results.

One of the leading doctor who himself is nephrologist surgeon, found one of his kidney to be carcinogenic, cancerous. I used to always tell him to please attend a shivir and he always used to say that he had no time as he was so busy. Then the message came that one of his kidney had been removed. I told now that he must come for the shivir. I knew that since was a scientific person, he would not believe. I only told him that since he has all the medical facilities, to get the tests done before coming. I know that proof was needed for him. He agreed and he got the first test done in India before the shivir. After the shivir he sent the test and blood samples to USA and the US doctors refused to believe that these test and blood samples were of the same person. They said that it was like the whole constituency had changed completely. Now he is a very very good sadhak, Wherever there is a shivir he takes some time off from his busy schedule and he says his life is changing…… and why not? What are you working for? Your hardwork is for what?

So make your life wonderful. So when I have come here to teach you, which can make your life wonderful, you must take time off. I am teaching you the inner science. You may feel it is spiritual but in reality it is the science beyond science. So, one has to really take up the challenge, accept it, and things can become better. Bless you. Namah Shivay,”