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  1. Reduces and saves a lot of money & investments in patient care.

    benefits-costsHealth care expenditure has become one of the fastest growing expense for developing and developed nations. Increase prevalence in diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and drug addictions have alarmed WHO, population and all governments. Cost is geared by individuals or government. Shiv Yog integrative cosmic science has shown tangible and intangible cost savings.
    Shiv Yog integrative cosmic science has shown tangible and intangible cost savings.
    • Hospitalization rates have been reduced.
    • Multiple prescribed medication utilization have been reduced.
    • Complication  occurance  is delayed or prevented with resultant significant cost reduction.
    • Patient compliance for prescribed medication is improved and side effects profile is reduced.
    • Work absenteeism is reduced.
    • Drug addiction, alcohol intake, smoking cesstion has resulted in personal savings, reduced rehabilitation cost and improved self image.
    • Improved happiness index amongst providers and patients.
    • Preventive health care modules have shown highest cost savings by incorporating healthy life style modification at young age.
    • Organic shivyog herbal science, meditative practice  and  healthy eating habits have shown decreased incidence of cancer,depression  and autoimmune disorders.
  2. Enables doctors to be self-protection from external influences of disease.

    benefits-protectionThe Protection for medical providers. Babaji has developed special tools and meditation protocols for medical providers. Medical providers are at higher risk of developing diseases in their own specialties. Higher incidence of cancer is noted amongst oncologist, increased suicide rate is noted amounts psychiatrist  in  medical literature. Shiv Yog medical doctors are taught how to disinfect  themselves against negative energy by meditative process, mantra meditation and by using various methods taught in the seminars. Babaji is concerned with doctors burnt out phenomenon. Shivyog cosmic energy science offers proactive solution.
  3. Rapid healing in patients. Rapid recovery from surgeries and injuries.

    Studies done over the past years on random patients in Shiv Yog Healing events have shown a highly rapid rate of healing with changes reflecting in the studies done post 4-5 days of the program when compared to the readings taken prior to the beginning of the event.  Positive results are noted within 7 days during teaching conferences conducted by Babaji. Measurable benefits were noticed amongst biomarkers, physiological markers, genetic markers, immunity markers.  Patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypothyroidism. obesity, depression, allergic conditions, kidney stones,motor neuron disorders  have shown improvements.  When doctors apply this healing to their patients, it benefits them through rapid recovery in injuries and treatments including healing post surgeries.

  4. Reduces patient stress, anxiety and sufferings resulting in patient goodwill.

    benefits-stressShiv Yog healing practices are easy, relatively simple, scientific and rewarding. It teaches in the activation of the natural self-healing power inbuilt in every human. Pschoneuroendocrinology and Pscyneuroimmunology readings show activation with resultant suppression of cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine levels. Increased levels of “happy” hormones such as serotonins and other endorphins help patients with stress disorders, depression and grief reactions. Multiple clinical studies have confirmed benefits of meditation in stress reduction and improved productivity.

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