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US Cancer Surgeon speaks

Dr. Beth Baughman DuPree is a leading breast cancer surgeon who is a nationally recognized expert in the field of surgery. She has attended the ShivYog Global Doctor’s Certification Program in New Jersey in 2015. Today, she speaks of her experiences with ShivYog

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Member of US Government speaks

In the very first global seminar of world-wide Science Beyond Science CURE IS POSSIBLE seminar conducted in the US in 2015, Babaji put forward to the gathering about His vision, “You will be a living medicine when the ancient wisdom is combined with modern science to ensure there is no more symptomatic but there is cure for every disease.”

The event saw the participation of world renowned physicians, surgeons and medical experts. In their welcome address to Babaji, the doctors hailed Babaji as the world’s best professor who was going to enlighten them with science beyond science which the modern medicine is yet to discover.

Dr. BinduKumar Kansupada MD, MBA, FACC Cardiologist USA says “There is no scientific evidence for existence of God. We doctors have become followers of clinical societies but Babaji has made us leaders and wants us to develop an R&D and develop machines which prove it.”

The grand seminar witnessed the coming together of modern science and ancient wisdom with integrative approach to health care.

“Shivyog teaches the modalities where you can activate the inner defence mechanism where the patient becomes the active participant in healing.”

The US Congressmen of the constituency where the event is being held, hailed Babaji with felicitation signed by the Pennsylvania Governor. He mentioned how in the honour of Babaji the Senators offered special commendation and how and rare as big is the state honour, the house flags was awarded to Him for His exemplary work.

The congressmen also informed about how the US flag is hoisted in reverence of Babaji’s leadership commitment and dedication in bringing ancient wisdom to the masses.

Mike Fitzpatrick, Member of the US House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s 8th district has given testimony from his own experience that it is not just the body that is to be diagnosed but all the body mind and spirit is to be healed to completely diagnose the disease.


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Become a Shiv Yog Doctor

Become a Shiv Yog Doctor!


‘CURE IS POSSIBLE – Shiv Yog Certification Program for Medical Professionals’

In fulfilment of Baba ji’s vision of empowering doctors to create a healthy nation

DATES: 26th August to 1st September


(Only for doctors and medical professionals)

Shiv Yogi Doctors are experts at healing through medication, experts at healing through meditation.

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Next ShivYog doctors training in Pune

A peep into the events of “Cure is Possible” for doctors and medical professionals. If you are a doctor or medical professional you can sign up to the website for receiving updates that will unwind soon in Pune, Maharashtra, India


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First Global Summit on Healing in USA

The second global CURE IS POSSIBLE is coming soon. Here is a view of the first ever global summit of Shiv Yog Science Beyond Science integrative health science that was held in August 2015 in New Jersey. The event saw the participation of scores of world renowned physicians, surgeons and medicine field experts. In their welcome address to Baba ji, the doctors hailed Baba ji as the ‘Worlds best professor’ who was going to enlighten them in the wisdom which modern medicine is yet to discover. The grand seminar witnessed the coming together of ancient wisdom with the modern science for an integrative approach to healthcare. Baba ji described the seminar as one where through cosmic modalities, the doctors will find that “Cure is possible” and that there is no such thing as an incurable disease.

The Congressman of the constituency where the event was being held heaped rich praise on Baba ji, offering him a written felicitation signed by Pennsylvania Governor. He mentioned how in the honour of Baba ji, the Senators offered special commendations and how a rare and as big a state honour as the House of Flags was awarded on him for his exemplary work. The Congressman also informed how a flag was hoisted in reverence of Baba ji’s leadership, commitment and dedication in bringing forth the ancient wisdom to the masses with miraculous outcomes.

The surgeons and doctors who spoke on the occasion conceded the limitations and challenges faced by the modern healthcare, particularly the medical fraternity in America who is grappling with the final solution to bringing “complete cure” to a disease in contrast to symptomatic relief. They recollected their first meet with Baba ji and how they were mesmerized by the power of Shiv Yog to complete the modern medicine.

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Babaji Speaks in Malaysia on healing

A brief coverage by “Star Online” Malaysia, where Babaji is briefing about Doctors themselves becoming the medicine, which can be made possible by the Science Beyond Science event for doctors. A rare certification training for doctors “CURE IS POSSIBLE” is scheduled this year in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


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ShivYog’s ‘Wholistic’ approach to healthcare

A complete information on ShivYog’s approach to wholistic healthcare along with the studies and views of doctors, surgeons and other medical practitioners including SRL Chief Dr. Sandeep Chaudhry. More insights into how the Ancient Yogi – Avdhoot Baba Shivanand with his years of intense meditation and austerities mastered the subtle science which today the world calls as miracle. Babaji demonstrates how miracles are eye-widening only because we have not yet fully explored the realms beyond what our equipments and instruments can register. Babaji now opens this science only for doctors and medical professionals, whose sole and soul agenda is to heal mankind. Learning this science will enhance every doctor’s profession. Paranormal is normal with the Healing science of Shiv Yog. When this Science Beyond Science is understood and learnt, Cure is Possible!